The 7 biggest problems facing science, according to 270 scientists

Vox, the popular online culture and news content provider, has just published this article by three of its top science writers. Accordingly, aspiring students, graduate students, postdocs, junior faculty, future administrators, and many others in the Vox demographic are reading that “science is in big trouble” and that “many scientists are afflicted with a serious case of doubt—doubt in the very institution of science.” 

Vox surveyed 270 scientists (including graduate students) on what they would change one thing about how science works. The survey reported that the largests concerns were around:.
1. Funding for academic

2. Poorly designed studies

3. A broken peer review system

4. Commercial barriers to access of important scientific reports

5. Replicating results

6. Poor communication of science to the general public

7. Stess and pressure on young academics

The findings are, perhaps, not surprising but hopefully if we keep restating these issues action will be taken to circumvent the problems.