A new White Book of Frailty

Prof Leocadio RODRIGUEZ MANAS (Spain), lead for the MID-Frail and Frailomic programmes with Niche Science & Technology, and the Sociedad Española de Medicina Geriátrica (SEMEG) have published new versions of the WHITE BOOK ON FRAILTY. The “White Book on Frailty” is a guide on detecting and treating frailty among the elderly; it promotes preventive actions against disabilities and provides information on how to adequately integrate frailty into everyday clinical practice.

We now know that early detection and treatment is critical to addressing frailty at home and in communities and hospitals. The “White Book on Frailty”, endorsed by the International Association on Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG) and the Global Aging Research Network (GARN), offers an overview of current knowledge on the identification of target populations, the assessment of frailty in seniors, and the development of tailored intervention programs.

Copies of the documents can be downloaded in:

Spanish: co-edited by Prof Leocadio RODRIGUEZ MANAS (Spain) and the Sociedad Española de Medicina Geriátrica (SEMEG)


Japanese: co-edited by Prof Hidenori ARAI (Japan) and the Japan Geriatrics Society (JGS)

http://garn-network.org/documents/WHITEBOOKONFRAILTYJAPANESECOMPLETE.pdf co-

Chinese: co-edited by Dr Jun LI, MD, Center of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Chengdu, China


English: http://garn-network.org/documents/WHITEBOOKONFRAILTY-USVERSION.pdf

French: http://garn-network.org/documents/WHITEBOOKONFRAILTY-frenchversion_001.pdf

All these versions are available on open access on both IAGG http://www.iagg.info and IAGG GARN websites http://www.garn-network.org