Challenges of home-working, a survey to inform working practice.

We would like your help. We have created a short survey looking at the effects of this unexpected lockdown in health communications and the biomedical industries. The survey will close on 10th June 2020. 

At the start of the year many of us faced possible changes to the way we work as the COVID-19 virus began to spread world-wide. In many cases these changes were introduced quickly in response to the rapidity with which the infection spread, leaving little time for contemplation, planning or preparation. Individual circumstances will differ but everyone has faced personal disruption and worry, whether that’s juggling childcare and conference calls, working in cramped bedrooms, financial pressures or maintaining remote relationships with family and friends.

As strategies are being considered to reverse lockdown conditions, employers will be asking themselves whether lessons learned during the pandemic may be translated into new working paradigms. We are asking for your help in better understanding the challenges that you and your colleagues have faced. We have put together this fully anonymous survey in the hope that you will feel able to share your experiences. Please spare us 10 minutes of your time. You can follow the link to the survey here. Make this your chance to have your voice noted in terms of how the 2020 pandemic affected you. Hopefully, your expreience will guide working paradigms in a post-COVID world.

The survey is being run by Tim Hardman (Niche Science & Technology), Steven Walker (St Gilesmedical) and Peter Llewellyn (NetworkPharma). We will prepare a report and share the findings as soon as possible via The MedComms Networking surveys page at but meanwhile if you have any questions please contact us at