Creating awesome titles

Creating an awesome title is like bending a straight line into a circle. You see, titles are the first thing your readers see, and yet they are often the last aspect of preparing a document that you consider. It is also often  given the least attention. Guides on writing scientific documents often recommend that you start with the Methods section, followed by Results, Discussion, Introduction, Abstract, and (finally) the Title. 

There is an undeniable logic to this approach, authors generally have notes and documentation on the methods they used, what they observed and how they interpret the results. It might be considered that the purpose of any research work established at the outset might simply morph into the title as the circle closes and your manuscipt is submitted for consideration. However, your title must reflect your final destination – which may not reflect the object you had at the start. It must draw from all sections of the paper to become its advocate in the big, wide world. It will serve as your 3-second to connect with potential readers. So it is important to make it count. In our present Insider's Insight (here) we provide a guide from our Medical Writing team. Filled with useful resources we hope readers will find it helpful next time they consider a title for their work.