Looking out for a hero!

We all need heroes - people who can champion our cause - helping the world to understand our rationale and get behind our position. In the field of medicine these individuals are identified as key opinion leaders (KOLs) and they champion and/or are early adopters of new treatments or procedures. But who should you ask to raise awareness of clinical trial outcomes and new treatment options? The dynamics of the KOL landscape are constantly changing and evolving. New names come onto the scene, familiar names retire and fresh alliances are formed. Our key opinion leader identification and profiling process keeps you responsive to change and able to adapt throughout the lifecycle of your project. 

Try to identify how your goals and requirements will change as the years pass and how that may be reflected in your KOL requirements. In planning for the future pay particular attention to the identification of ‘Rising Stars’ so-called as they are at the early stages of their career but have been identified as highly likely to develop to influence their peers (younger doctors) now and in the future.